Taj Mahal.... One among the 7 wonders of the World, was made of White Marble and decorated with an art called Inlay or Pietra Dura.

HMI (Handicraft Marble Industries), is an organization, dedicated to keep alive this Art of Inlay, which was used to decore the magnificent Taj Mahal.

We are the manufacturer of hand-made Marble Artefacts inlaid with semi precious stones. We are retailer & exporter of Hand-made artefacts like Marble Inlay Table Tops, Marble Inlay Flower Vases, Marble Inlay Boxes, Marble Inlay Plates & Tiles, Marble Inlay Elephants, Marble Inlay Coaster Sets and many more.

Handicraft Marble Industries (in short- HMI).... This name may be unknown for many people, but it has vast number of satisfied customers in almost all the parts of the globe. They have full faith in our exquisite handmade inlay products and excellent in-time services. Their Faith is the only wealth, we earned during last 50 years. Our fully satisfied customers are the mentor of this business house named HMI. By keeping, the satisfaction of our buyers at the top priority, we are catering the connoisseurs of arts in this world. Once who got in touch with HMI by any means, joined it with an unbreakable happy bonding.